If every parent is asked what the most important aspect in his or her life is, the answer undoubtedly would be his/her child. As a mother, I feel the same and I am sure that you all are having the same feeling.  At Royal Academy, your child becomes our child. The Royal becomes the second home of the child and ‘You’ and ‘We’ become the responsible parents to care about his/her education, health and social behavior. Therefore, It is very clear that our first priority is our child and in our partnership (Parents and school), the academic, mental, social, spiritual and physical growth and development should take place.

Education for life refers to a child’s holistic development. This includes including lifelong values so that the child is able to lead a happy, powerful and successful life.’

We strive to provide the best possible education. We are committed to creating a safe and positive learning environment where staff and students promote and model safe, responsible and respectful behavior in order to provide each student the best learning environment.

Finally what I want to assure is that we would like to be the center of academic excellence and value based education.

I would like to welcome you all at the premises of Royal Academy and be a value based partner of ours. 

Sabnam Shrestha

Director/Founder Principal

We believe that...

  • Every child in unique and deserve every possible opportunity for further growth and development.
  • Children will be successful in the pursuit of life-long learning equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviors which allow them to participate as a productive member of society.
  • All students and staff have the right to and responsibility of maintaining a safe, secure, congenial and comfortable environment.
  • The collaboration of every employee, parent and member of the community contributes to the education of students through instruction and by example.

Our Vision

The vision of Royal Academy is to prepare to face the change and challenges of the future, adapt to change, and exercise critical judgment, becoming global citizens, capable of utilizing tomorrow’s resources and technology responsibly.

Our mission

  • Incorporate new experiences and challenges, meeting every student’s need for success by developing the whole child and preparing them for the challenges of the future.
  • Foster aptitude, attitude, accountability, effective thinking and problem solving through encouraging life-long learning.
  • Prepare young citizens for peace and harmony


  • to render a comprehensive child-centered learning environment that fosters opportunities for every child to succeed
  • to maintain a safe and secure academic setting, freeing stafff and students to pursue educational endeavors
  • to nurture a spirit of cohesiveness, tolerance, cooperation and flexibility
  • Provide whole environments, indoor ,outdoor and extended, to serve the physical, social, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs
  • Facilitate uninterrupted cycles of work to release spontaneous activity and individual potential
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