Our Programme

Whole curriculum in whole and prepared environments, seamless indoor and outdoor, for ages two through six advance the classic areas of development—practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language development and movement exercises.

Practical Life Exercises

Development of concentration, order, refinement of gross and fine motor skills and most importantly independence

  • Care of the self
  • Care of the environment
  • Exercises of grace and courtesy

Sensorial Exercises

Direct and concrete sensorial experiences for the development of perception, their refinements, and discrimination

  • Sense of sight (ophthalmic)
  • Sense of touch and grasp (tactile and stereo-gnostic)
  • Sense of taste (gustatory)
  • Sense of smell (olfactory)
  • Sense of hearing (auditory)

Each area is developed systematically with exactness and precision.


A large body of work exploring and offering concrete concepts in numbers

  • Their relationships in size, units of occurrence, place value or hierarchy of numbers
  • Units, tens, hundreds, thousands and millions when able
  • Reading and writing of numbers both simple and complex
  • Facts and operations

Work begins at the sensorial level during the early years, progressing to complex and abstract levels during the later primary years.

Language Development

Another large body of work developing the auditory and graphic aspects of language

  • Reading mechanics and comprehension—phonics, phonograms, word attack and functions of words
  • Vocabulary—

Extra Curricular

  • Color and crafts.
  • Dance
  • Play
  • Out-door trip
  • Music
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